Part I of Encounter Down Under available for download

Yes, finally, part I of The Encounter Down Under is available for download.

Read it, share it, copy, distribute and transmit it, as long as you attribute the work to me, and use in in a non-commercial way — a Creative Commons license applies.

And I’d like to hear what you think. So, feel free to comment below. I’m looking forward to your thoughts.


Excerpt from San Marino GP chapter

Finally… I’ve finished the San Marino Grand Prix chapter of my book. Here’s an excerpt:

… it was obvious that Senna had been injured in some way — there was no movement in the cockpit. Upon impact, the right front suspension had broken, releasing the wheel from the chassis, which glanced Senna’s helmet, knocking the driver unconscious in the process. Senna’s head leaned motionless onto the right side of the cockpit for over a minute. Just as the medical car, carrying professor Sid Watkins, arrived at the scene, Senna’s helmet slightly moved away from the cockpit edge, to a more upright position. In the moments that followed, Watkins and his team extricated Senna from the wrecked Williams-Renault, and laid him on the ground. Quickly afterwards, the medical helicopter landed on the now-empty track, and right before Senna was rushed to Maggiore hospital, the triple World Champion opened his eyes.

I’ve already started reviewing the other chapters of part I of The Encounter Down Under. I reckon I’ll be finished before the end of May.

… And Senna opened his eyes

Yes, that’s just about the phrase I use.

It took me a while to decide on how to make it known that Senna wasn’t killed in his Imola accident. But this should be it. I won’t give away more just yet, but I’m almost there. I’ve all but finished the race review, and only have the aftermath, with all the rule changes and stuff, to go. So hang in there for just a bit more.

San Marino chapter at 80%

San Marino flagDuring my two-week vacation — I came home last Friday — I wrote a large part of chapter 4 of my alternate version of the 1994 Formula One season, The Encounter Down Under. I reckon I’m up to 80 percent, now, and I expect to finish the chapter tonight and next Sunday.

However, before I publish part I of my Senna versus Schumacher book, I plan to re-read the first 4 chapters and edit them where deemed necessary. So you may expect to download the pdf somewhere late May, early June — so I’m asking for just a tad more patience.