Started research on Spanish GP

Last weekend I started research on the 1994 Spanish Grand Prix. I expect to finish that some time this week. I’ve got a pretty good feeling about this race, I must say. It was rather hard to get going on the Monaco race, since it was the first fictional race that I had to write. The result’s become quite good, I reckon. So Spain, I expect, will come to me a bit easier.


Italian blogger reviews part I of my book

Italian blogger Giovanni Tufo reviewd part I of The Encounter Down Under — my Schumacher versus Senna alternate history of the 1994 F1 season. He posted his review last week. If you happen to read Italian, read the review on (opens in new window).

Finished the Monaco chapter

Monaco flagI’ve just finished the Monaco chapter. I reviewed the parts I had written late August, and added some post-race information, mostly about Wendlinger’s situation.

Next week I’ll spend researching the Spanish Grand Prix. This was the first race where the FIA’s changes to cars and circuits were introduced, so I’ll write about that. Plus I’ll have to come up with the story of the race weekend, and decide who’ll take victory here.

I’ll keep you posted. In the mean time, feel free to drop me a line.