How often do you visit this site?

From the comments on this site I gather that some of you visit my site quite often. I’m just curious how often that is. Fill in this poll, and I’ll know!

How often do you visit this site?
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Spanish race is 5th oldest GP

I stumbled upon something interesting while researching and writing the Spanish Grand Prix chapter. Something I hadn’t realised before. Fact is that the Spanish GP is one of the oldest Grands Prix in existence. The first one was contested in 1913, and as many as 12 races took place pre-WWII. This makes only the French, Italian, Belgian and British GPs older, and the Spanish race one of the old ‘Grandes Épeuvres’. Just thought I’d share.

Research finished; writing begins tomorrow

Since I’ve finished research on the Spanish Grand Prix — all I have to do is re-watch the video a couple of times — I expect to start writing the next chapter of part II, tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.