Another Canada excerpt

As promised, here’s another short excerpt from the 1994 Canadian Grand Prix chapter.

Approaching half distance of the Canadian Grand Prix, Ferrari’s Alesi pitted from third place on lap 31, leaving his position to Hill. The Briton stopped for fuel and fresh tyres two laps later, but stayed ahead of the Frenchman when returning to the track. On lap 34 Senna also stopped, handing Schumacher a massive lead of almost 40 seconds. His team’s strategy put the German spot on for victory: his one and only pit stop coming in lap 40 of 69.

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Planning research on French GP for next week

With the Canadian Grand Prix chapter of my Senna versus Schumacher story all but out of the way, I can cast my gaze on the 1994 French Grand Prix. I plan to research that race — which of course saw the return of ’92 World Drivers’ Champion Nigel Mansell at Williams-Renault in real life — next week. And, though I’ve not quite managed to finish the Canadian GP in September, I hope to have the French race done by mid November.

Work on Canada done

Another chapter finished: I wrote the race review of the 1994 Canadian Grand Prix for The Encounter Down Under, today, and added race results and Championship standings. I’ll re-read the whole chapter this week, making ajustments where necessary, and adding some aftermath information. for which I’ll do some additional research.

Oh, and you may expect another excerpt, too.

More writing planned for next Sunday

Those daddy days are busy days, I have to say. Plus, I did some other things besides being with my son Nathan. And sadly that wasn’t too much writing on my Senna versus Schumacher story. However, I have planned to do some more writing this Sunday, say from 14.00 to 16.00 hours, in stead of watchting a Grand Prix.

Hoping to finish Canada chapter this Tuesday

I’ll have my first daddy day after starting my new job at the Evangelische Omroep, this Tuesday. I have planned to work on The Encounter Down Under’s 6th chapter, on the 1994 Canadian Grand Prix.

Hopefully my son Nathan will have a long enough morning and afternoon nap for me to finish the chapter — I only have the race still to do. If not, I have some time available in the evening, too.