Book available for pre-order at Amazon and other stores

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The e-book ‘Senna Versus Schumacher And Other Formula One Rivalries That Never Happened’ is now available for pre-order for Kindle e-readers and apps as well as in formats such as EPUB, PDF, RTF, text and HTML files.

The book will also appear in the Apple iBooks Store and on as well as Amazon as a printing-on-demand option.

Prices are approx. $4.99 (plus taxes), £ 3.49 (VAT included) and € 4.95 (VAT included) for the e-book, while the printing-on-demand book will cost around € 19.95 (VAT included).


Foreword by Kees van de Grint, former Schumacher tyre engineer

Photo: Kees van de Grint in the paddock at the Bahrain Grand PrixToday we announce the author of the foreword to ‘Senna versus Schumacher And Other Formula One Rivalries That Never Happened’:

Kees van de Grint

Kees closely worked with Michael Schumacher and Ferrari in their championship-winning seasons as tyre engineer and consultant when he was employed by Bridgestone.

Prior to that he witnessed the karting careers of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost from up close. Stirling Moss and Jim Clark were his childhood heroes.

Kees is currently vice-chairman to the FIA’s karting committee.

“These are interesting stories to read”, Kees said after reading the manuscripts. “Sometimes I found myself lost between fiction and reality.”

5th story about Richard Seaman, by Richard Armstrong

The last post on the site announced the launch date of our book, ‘Senna versus Schumacher And Other Formula One Rivalries That Never Happened’.

We also announced that the book would not only contain the original 4 stories that we wrote — Senna versus Schumacher, Villeneuve versus Prost, Moss versus Clark and Ascari versus Fangio — but also a 5th story by a yet-to-be-confirmed author.

That confirmation is today!

The 5th story is titled ‘Richard Seaman, European Champion‘. It was written by Richard Armstrong, and deals with Seaman’s rivalry with Rudolf Caracciola and Hermann Lang in the last seasons before World War II.

You may expect the final announcement, of the well-known guest author of the foreword to our book, on this site, shortly.