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The Covid-19 pandemic has caused the motor racing world to come to a stop. No Formula One grands prix until at least the end of May.

While there are virtual races to enjoy, we’d like to offer you something else: the Senna versus Schumacher story from our book is available as a free download:

Download 'Senna versus Schumacher' for free
» Download ‘Senna versus Schumacher’ for free

The ‘Senna versus Schumacher’ download is available under the Creative Commons 3.0 license.

Interested to read more? The book ‘Senna versus Schumacher and other Formula One rivalries that never happened’ explores four additional stories:

  • Villeneuve versus Prost
  • Moss versus Clark
  • Ascari versus Fangio
  • Richard Seaman, European Drivers’ Champion

Buy the paperback: Lulu (15% off!) or Amazon; or buy the e-bookKindle / Apple.

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