Chapter 6 now finished; changed some details througout

Yes, it has finally happened: the Spanish Grand Prix chapter of my Senna versus Schumacher book is now finished! I’ve also made some changes throughout all the previous chapters, after having read all my scribblings two weeks ago. I’ll soon update the downloadable version of part I of The Encounter Down Under. Next up is the Canadian GP, which I’ll start writing next Tuesday.


Started research on 1994 Canadian GP

Yesterday, I started research on the next chapter of my Senna versus Schumacher story: the Canadian Grand Prix. I’v gathered race reports, driver quotes, practice and qualifying results et cetera. I plan on watching the race review either this weekend or next Tuesday, when I have my bi-weekly day off, either on YouTube or on my VCR.

Click below to see the YouTube video of the 94 Canadian GP…

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Elaborating on Schumacher’s Spanish gear selection problems

I’ve re-read my additions to the 1994 Spanish Grand Prix chapter and made various changes to the text. However, I still find the race part a bit meagre. I plan to elaborate on Schumacher’s gear selection problems a bit more — remember, Schumi’s Benetton-Ford was stuck in 5th gear from roughly the first pit stop onwards — to give the chapter a little more body.

Another excerpt from the Spanish GP chapter

With the Spanish Grand Prix chapter now all but finished, I thought I treat you to a second excerpt, as thanks for your patience.

At the front, though, the first scheduled pit stops started taking place. Senna was the first to stop for fuel and fresh tyres, on lap 19, followed by Alesi, who was running fifth at the time, on the same lap. Before his first stop, on lap 21, Schumacher started experiencing gear selection problems. His Benetton-Ford soon appeared to be stuck in fifth gear. Despite that, the German pitted successfully, retaining his lead. He profited from his experience as a sportscar driver, controlling the car effectively despite being stuck in one gear. However, Schumacher was soon overtaken by the charging Häkkinen, on lap 23, while Senna reeled in both drivers. Then Häkkinen pitted, dropping to third, leaving the order, Senna, Schumacher, Häkkinen, with Lehto in a lonely fourth place, followed by Hill and Brundle.

I’ll re-read what I’ve added to the chapter during the next few days, fixing errors I may have made. Afterwards I’ll make some minor alterations to the first couple of chapters, too.

Into the groove

No, I haven’t finished the Spanish Grand Prix chapter of my Schumacher versus Senna story yet. I have read all of my scribblings, however, and I must say that I really got back into the groove. The 1994 Formula One season is top of mind again, and that’ll most likely help me proceed during the next couple of weeks.

I did make quite a large number of notes and I expect to make some minor changes to all previous chapters later on.