About the stories

There have been countless racing drivers, both in Formula One and in other racing series, that have died due to crashes over the decades. ‘Senna vs Schumacher and Other Formula One Rivalries That Never Happened’ explores four stories revolving around drivers and their main rivalries had they not died or been injured to the extent that they could no longer compete at the top level. 

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Senna versus Schumacher

What if Ayrton Senna had survived his accident at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix? How would he have fared against new boy Michael Schumacher? Would Senna have taken that year’s World Drivers Championship? Would the Brazilian eventually have raced for Ferrari? And how would he have dealt with the infamous on-track actions that Schumacher played, mirroring Senna’s tactics?

Villeneuve versus Prost

What if Gilles Villeneuve hadn’t suffered his crash at the 1982 Belgian Grand Prix? What if he had been able to fight his Ferrari teammate Didier Pironi? Would Villeneuve have been able to take on his friend Alain Prost? Would the Canadian eventually have been champion?

Moss versus Clark

What if Moss hadn’t gone off at the 1962 Glover Trophy race at Goodwood? What if he had raced a blue Ferrari for Rob Walker? What if he had joined the British Racing Partnership? Would the Englishman have been able to take on Jim Clark? Would he have won the title that had so long eluded him?

Ascari versus Fangio

What if Alberto Ascari had survived his 1955 Monza testing accident? What if he had re-joined Ferrari alongside Juan Manuel Fangio for the following season? How would these two giants of Grand Prix racing have handled the Lancia D50? Would the Italian have taken an other championship? And would he have finally beaten his superstition?

Buy the book: Lulu / Amazon / Kindle / Apple Books