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About Christiaan W. Lustig

Christiaan-maart-2017-500x425-tweederdeChristiaan was the main Formula 1 editor at Autosport.nl (in Dutch) from late 1999 throughout 2004. He wrote Grand Prix news as it happened, and posted practice, qualifying and race reports.

During one season, he also wrote race reports for the teletext service of Dutch television network RTL-5, which broadcast F1 races at that time. On several occasions in the same period, he wrote news articles for Formule1.nl (in Dutch) and their e-mail news letter.

Christiaan is founder, and lead consultant at digital workplace, intranet an digital employee experience consultancy Brayton House.

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About Mattijs Diepraam

Mattijs Diepraam, co-author of Senna versus SchumacherAs a commercial copywriter and editor, Mattijs has the writing and editing bug flowing through his veins and can’t help wasting the same talents on his passion.

Since day one, Mattijs has been the driving force behind 8W, the motor racing history section of FORIX and autosport.com, and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the site. He also helped create dB, a site dedicated to the memory of Carel Godin de Beaufort, Holland’s most evocative racing driver ever.

Now also a professional motoring and motorsport journalist, Mattijs is a regular contributor to the Dutch edition of Octane magazine and has published prolifically in RTL GP Magazine and on Driving-fun.com.

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