Today in 1994 Barrichello survived his Imola crash

Today in 1994 Rubens Barrichello survived his horrific crash at the San Marino Grand Prix. It was the start of one of Formula One’s darkest weekends, writes Keith Collantine over at F1 Fanatic.

On Thursday 1 May we will launch our story Senna versus Schumacher. It features Barrichello’s crash, as well as Roland Ratzenberger’s and Ayrton Senna’s… but Senna survives his accident to battle Michael Schumacher for Formula One supremacy.

Intriguing image found of Senna’s 1994 crash

Earlier this week, I encountered this very intriguing image of Ayrton Senna lifting himself from his crashed Williams-Renault at the Imola circuit on 1 May 1994. I thought I’d share it here with you.



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Senna’s 50th birthday

Today, March 21st 2010, would’ve been Ayrton Senna da Silva’s 50th birthday. Sadly, the Brazilian only lived to see 34. has a beautiful gallery of Senna’s finest (and worst) moments, check it out.

Screenshot of the Ayrton Senna 50th birthday photo gallery at

Spanish race is 5th oldest GP

I stumbled upon something interesting while researching and writing the Spanish Grand Prix chapter. Something I hadn’t realised before. Fact is that the Spanish GP is one of the oldest Grands Prix in existence. The first one was contested in 1913, and as many as 12 races took place pre-WWII. This makes only the French, Italian, Belgian and British GPs older, and the Spanish race one of the old ‘Grandes Épeuvres’. Just thought I’d share.