Race preview finished

Tonight I finished the race preview for the 1994 Canadian Grand Prix. It took me some more research, since you may find a little surprise in this chapter, once you read it. Curious? Just wait and see… 😉

Started work on Canadian GP chapter

Yes, I’ve gone back to writing… finally! I’ve read all my research on the 1994 Canadian Grand Prix, and started on the race preview.

Some additional research

During my writing, this afternoon, I realised I needed some more information on the Île Notre-Dame and its history — 1967 World’s Fair and 1976 Summer Olympics — as well as some more details on previous GPs.

Much work to do

So, although I re-started work on The Encounter Down Under, I’ve still got a lot of work to do. I still want to finish chapter 7 before the end of the month, though.

Made several corrections in part II-a

I’ve made some (minor) changes to the Monaco and Canadian Grand Prix chapters, today. And I’ve added the updated version of part II-a to the downloads section.

Thanks to Mr X and Ferrim for their help on these corrections.

No work done

Alas, I got no writing done on my Senna versus Schumacher story, during my vacation. I did enjoy 2 weeks of peace and rest, though, which is worth a lot, I believe. I’m planning on starting on writing again after the summer, though.

Maybe I’ll do some writing during my upcoming vacation

I’ll be on vacation for 2 weeks from next Friday. I’ll be taking my iBook with me, and haven’t got too much planned in terms of activities. So maybe I’ll be able to do some writing on either the original idea — I have all the input necessary to write the Canadian GP chapter — or an ultra-short version of the entire story. I reckong I could write that without too much detailed research.