Almost 100 downloads

Wow, since I uploaded part I of my Schumacher versus Senna story, The Encounter Down Under, a week ago today, I’ve had close to 100 downloads. Thanks to all of you who’ve gone through the (albeit little) trouble.

I’m curious for your views on the story, so feel free to post any views right here.

Part I of Encounter Down Under available for download

Yes, finally, part I of The Encounter Down Under is available for download.

Read it, share it, copy, distribute and transmit it, as long as you attribute the work to me, and use in in a non-commercial way — a Creative Commons license applies.

And I’d like to hear what you think. So, feel free to comment below. I’m looking forward to your thoughts.

Video compilation to accompany my story

I’ve made a short video compilation to accompany ‘The Encounter Down Under’. It consists of images from the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix weekend.

The film contains footage of fatal accidents, so viewer discretion is advised.

Edit: sadly my video was removed from YouTube because of complaints by Formula One Management. It may be that you won’t be able to see the video any longer.

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I’ve put up the prologue

I’ve just put up the prologue chapter for everyone to read. I’d be happy to hear your comments. Mind you, this chapter doesn’t give away anything on the true contents of the story, but it does give an insight on my writing style.

Read the prologue to The Encounter Down Under

Book’s website online

My good friend Michiel Maarhuis and I, today put up the website to accompany my (e-)book ‘The Encounter Down Under, an alternate history of the 1994 Formula One season’. I’ll be posting about my research of said season, and my progress in writing the book.