UnracedF1.com posts a review

The unrivalled site about Formula One teams, cars, and drivers who have never raced, has posted a review of our ‘Senna versus Schumacher’ book.

Here’s a brief quote:

If you fantasize about alternative outcomes of championships in the Formula One. Or fantasize about alternative rivalries this is the book you have to purchase. The book is easy to read even if your native language is not English at all. […] I would recommend to buy Senna versus Schumacher and have it on your bookshelves.

— UnracedF1.com

Check out the review on UnracedF1.com

Book review by F1Podcast

Last weekend, a short book review of ‘Senna versus Schumacher’ appeared on the F1Podcast blog: “What-If … these F1 drivers hadn’t died?”

A few quotes from the review:

“The authors wrote a fictional account of how the rivalry between these drivers might have played out if Senna had survived Imola in 1994. It is a great read, insightful and highly recommended book.

“It’s an excellent concept and a huge amount of research, dedication and love went into writing it. It’s very well written and I would recommend any F1 fan to pick-up a copy.

“I believe there should be more F1 fiction and this book is a great example of how good it can be. These stories really make you think about what might have been. An excellent book!”

Read the review on Blogspot and follow F1Podcast on Twitter.

Italian blogger reviews part I of my book

Italian blogger Giovanni Tufo reviewd part I of The Encounter Down Under — my Schumacher versus Senna alternate history of the 1994 F1 season. He posted his review last week. If you happen to read Italian, read the review on giovannitufo.com (opens in new window).