Part I of my story reaching conclusion

I’m ready to start work on the San Marino Grand Prix chapter. This means that part I of my Senna versus Schumacher story reaches its conclusion. This first part of ‘The Encounter Down Under’ deals with the opening moves of the 1994 Formula One season, and consists of unchanged history:

  • A season preview
  • The Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos
  • The Pacific GP at Aida, Japan
  • And the fateful San Marino race at Imola

Only at the end of the final chapter of the first part, I diverge from factual history, as Ayrton Senna survives his accident. Part II of my alternate F1 history then elaborates on this diversion, and sees Senna return to the wheel of his Williams-Renault at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Excerpt from the second chapter

I’ve just finished the second chapter of The Encounter Down Under. I reviewed the first draft yesterday, and made some minor changes. Here’s an excerpt of this first stage of the 1994 Senna versus Schumacher battle:

On [the 35th] lap, trouble emerged on the Reta Oposta, the straight between turns three and four. Eddie Irvine and Jos Verstappen, 8th and 9th respectively, came to lap Éric Bernard, who was in 16th place. Verstappen moved left to overtake Irvine. With the Dutchman already halfway past him, however, Irvine jinked left himself, because Bernard braked for Martin Brundle, whose seventh-placed McLaren slowed down with mechanical problems. This forced Verstappen onto the grass, before veering to the right, across Irvine’s bow, pushing the Northern-Irishman’s Jordan into Bernard’s Ligier.

All three out of control cars found slow-driving Brundle in their path, and at some 300 km/h Verstappen’s car touched the McLaren. The stricken Benetton somersaulted across the Englishman’s engine cover, hitting Brundle’s helmet in the process, and violently teared wheels and other parts off both cars. Amidst the havoc, Bernard had slid onto the grass on the right side of the track, while Verstappen crash-landed onto the run-off at the end of the straight. The Benetton was soon followed by the wreck of the McLaren, with Irvine’s Jordan stranded on the circuit. Miraculously, all of the four drivers involved, escaped without injury.

“I tried to pass Irvine on the straight but I don’t think he saw me”, understated Verstappen afterwards, while Irvine added: “I was catching the Ligier quite quickly and was about to overtake him when he suddenly lifted. I didn’t see the Benetton to my left because my mirror had come loose earlier in the race.”

Tell me what you think. I’m looking forward to comments. I’ll start work on the next race, the Pacific Grand Prix

Brazilian GP is done

I’ve just finished the first chapter in my Schumacher-versus-Senna what-if: the Brazilian Grand Prix. It is, of course, only a first draft, and I’ll probably go through the entire text a couple of times in the next weeks, but still.

If you’re curious to read the chapter, you’ll have to be patient just a tad more. I’ll publish it together with the other 4 chapters of Part I — 3 of which I still have to write. In the mean time, you might want to read the prologue, if you haven’t already.

Should dozens of you readers not be able to wait a few weeks for the remaining races in part I, let me know. I might consider posting the first 2 chapters I’ve written up to now.

Not much work these past few days; more coming this weekend

As you might have guessed, there has been little activity this week. I haven’t been feeling very well, yesterday and today, and hence haven’t worked on my Senna versus Schumacher story the past few days.

I have, however, planned a couple of hours’ work for next Saturday, and I would like to finish the third chapter, on the 1994 Brazilian Grand Prix.

In the mean time I did plough through some motor racing and alternate history forums. It seems that there aren’t a lot of stories similar my alternate version of the 1994 Formula One season. I’m planning to post on these forums and stir up some attention for the site and the book.

Rounding off first GP

I expect to round off the first chapter on a race of my alternate version of the 1994 Formula One season, the Brazilian Grand Prix chapter, Ayrton Senna’s home race, tonight tomorrow night next weekend.

General information on the GP, some historical information and stats, and the practice and qualifying parts are all done. I started on the race bit last week and came about half-way. So, when I finish this chapter, there’s only 4 more chapters to go on Part I of The Encounter Down Under until there’s something more for you to read. I’ll keep you posted.