Made several corrections in part II-a

I’ve made some (minor) changes to the Monaco and Canadian Grand Prix chapters, today. And I’ve added the updated version of part II-a to the downloads section.

Thanks to Mr X and Ferrim for their help on these corrections.

Picking up my writing again, tonight

It’s been a while since my last post. I’ll be picking up my writing on The Encounter Down Under again, tonight. Of course, I’ll start with the 1994 Monaco Grand Prix.

Some 180 downloads

Since my last post, I recorded another 90 visits to the part I download page. That adds up to a total of some 180 downloads. Which is great! Tanks for the effort, all. And feel free to comment anywhere on the site.

Minor fixes to part I coming

Regular poster Ferrim was kind enough to comment on part I, spotting a few typos and some factual errors. I had waited for anyone else to point out any mistakes, but haven’t gotten any more. So I’ll make some changes to part I of my alternate 1994 Formula One season story, and post it as soon as I’m done.