Work on Senna vs Schumacher book pauzed

As of today, Monday, March 1st, the year of Our Lord 2010, I am officially no longer working on ‘The Encounter Down Under, an alternative version of the 1994 Formula One season’.

Confirming what’s already a fact of life

That saddens me, in a way, but it confirms what has been a fact of life for several months. Work on the Senna versus Schumacher story is postponed until further notice. Guesstimating for how long: 2 years sounds reasonable, and I’ll see how things are by then.

Website will stay online

This website will remain available online, and should any activity recommence, I’ll post it here. To keep up to date, sign up for email notifications all the way down in the right column.

For now, thanks for your interest and comments. Feel free to drop me a line at christiaan (insert at-symbol) lustig (insert dot) nl any time.

I’ve put up the prologue

I’ve just put up the prologue chapter for everyone to read. I’d be happy to hear your comments. Mind you, this chapter doesn’t give away anything on the true contents of the story, but it does give an insight on my writing style.

Read the prologue to The Encounter Down Under