First chapter finished

The first chapter of the part I of my story is finished. It’s the season preview, containing an outlook on to the 1994 F1 season, the teams and drivers, and the Grand Prix calendar. Here’s a small excerpt:

Part I: Opening Moves

Chapter 1: Season preview

If public opinion decided World Championships, Ayrton Senna clinched the 1994 title the minute he signed for Williams-Renault. And with it, the new Formula One season threatened to be as spectacular as it would be boring. Because now the alleged best driver in Grand Prix history would drive what was seen as the best car of the period. There wasn’t a doubt on anyone’s mind that Ayrton Senna would rack up pole positions and victories by the dozens on his way to a fourth World Championship, and a fifth, and who knows after that.

You’ll find this chapter, plus the other chapters of part I of the story online as soon as I finish them.

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