Anxious about the next chapter: San Marino

Well, the point of divergence in my Senna versus Schumacher story is approaching. I’ve started work on the 4th chapter of ‘The Encounter Down Under’, and I expect to finish the first draft some time next week.

I’m a bit anxious about this final chapter of part I, because with the 2 previous Grands Prix, I could rely on actual events. The same goes for this race, too, of course, but I can let my fantasy do some of the work, now.

Oh, and I’ve talked to a friend of mine, last weekend — she’s a doctor — on the severety of Senna’s fictional crash. Should make for realistic, though survivable, injuries.

2 thoughts on “Anxious about the next chapter: San Marino

  1. I wouldn’t make things too complicated with the crash. If only the pushrod hadn’t perforated his helmet, he would have survived. In fact, he could even have walked away, provided he hadn’t lost consciousness, because he had no injuries apart of the fatal one in the head. So you only need to change that small thing.

    I’m interested on which explanation will you give for the accident itself. Was it because the steering column broke, because the car bottomed out or because of driver error? Or will you create a completely different accident?

  2. It’s true that, if it weren’t for that pushrod, Senna might very well have survived, but I would find it believable that the right front tyre would still at least glance Senna’s helmet, knocking him unconcious in the process.

    I haven’t quite gotten to the cause of the accident, yet. Good thing is that I’m omnipotent in this story, so can choose whichever cause I find most believable or appealing.

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