Writing time planned for this month

A few hours of writing this week

For the first time since, say, April, I have planned to do some writing on my Senna versus Schumacher story, The Encounter Down Under. I have 2 days off from work, this week, and have planned to write during my son Nathan’s nap times.

Several days late September

Additionally, since I will start my new job at the Evangelische Omroep on October 1st, and I have some holidays planned beforehand, I have a couple of hours late September, too.

Part II-a corrections, and the Canadian GP

First of all, I plan to do some corrections on part II-a, which I received upon publishing the Spain and Monaco chapters, and I’ll re-publish part II-a afterwards. Furthermore, I hope to start work on the Canadian Grand Prix — I had finished research some time in February — in September.

And after that, who knows? I’ll keep you posted.


New job, new energy, more writing?

My new job has indeed come to fruition. Starting on October 1st, I’ll be working as an interactive media consultant at the Evangelische Omroep, a Dutch Christian TV and radio broadcaster.

Doing some more writing…

I hope to find new energy in working at the EO, and find (or rather make) the time to get back into writing The Encounter Down Under. In principle, I would like to continue on the path I’ve chosen: a free e-book of which I’ve written part I and the first half of part II. My progress up to now dictates that I start on the Canadian Grand Prix on which I had finished research last Spring.

Get in touch with publisher again

On the other hand I would also like to get in touch again with the publisher I corresponded with, in February and March of this year, to see whether my alternate set-up has any potential to turn into a proper book.

I’ll keep you posted on this new blog location. Feel free to comment or ask questions: I’m happy to answer any of them.