Writing time planned for this month

A few hours of writing this week

For the first time since, say, April, I have planned to do some writing on my Senna versus Schumacher story, The Encounter Down Under. I have 2 days off from work, this week, and have planned to write during my son Nathan’s nap times.

Several days late September

Additionally, since I will start my new job at the Evangelische Omroep on October 1st, and I have some holidays planned beforehand, I have a couple of hours late September, too.

Part II-a corrections, and the Canadian GP

First of all, I plan to do some corrections on part II-a, which I received upon publishing the Spain and Monaco chapters, and I’ll re-publish part II-a afterwards. Furthermore, I hope to start work on the Canadian Grand Prix — I had finished research some time in February — in September.

And after that, who knows? I’ll keep you posted.

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