Started work on Canadian GP chapter

Yes, I’ve gone back to writing… finally! I’ve read all my research on the 1994 Canadian Grand Prix, and started on the race preview.

Some additional research

During my writing, this afternoon, I realised I needed some more information on the Île Notre-Dame and its history — 1967 World’s Fair and 1976 Summer Olympics — as well as some more details on previous GPs.

Much work to do

So, although I re-started work on The Encounter Down Under, I’ve still got a lot of work to do. I still want to finish chapter 7 before the end of the month, though.

Started research on 1994 Canadian GP

Yesterday, I started research on the next chapter of my Senna versus Schumacher story: the Canadian Grand Prix. I’v gathered race reports, driver quotes, practice and qualifying results et cetera. I plan on watching the race review either this weekend or next Tuesday, when I have my bi-weekly day off, either on YouTube or on my VCR.

Click below to see the YouTube video of the 94 Canadian GP…

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Spanish race is 5th oldest GP

I stumbled upon something interesting while researching and writing the Spanish Grand Prix chapter. Something I hadn’t realised before. Fact is that the Spanish GP is one of the oldest Grands Prix in existence. The first one was contested in 1913, and as many as 12 races took place pre-WWII. This makes only the French, Italian, Belgian and British GPs older, and the Spanish race one of the old ‘Grandes Épeuvres’. Just thought I’d share.

Research finished; writing begins tomorrow

Since I’ve finished research on the Spanish Grand Prix — all I have to do is re-watch the video a couple of times — I expect to start writing the next chapter of part II, tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Started research on Spanish GP

Last weekend I started research on the 1994 Spanish Grand Prix. I expect to finish that some time this week. I’ve got a pretty good feeling about this race, I must say. It was rather hard to get going on the Monaco race, since it was the first fictional race that I had to write. The result’s become quite good, I reckon. So Spain, I expect, will come to me a bit easier.