San Marino chapter at 80%

San Marino flagDuring my two-week vacation — I came home last Friday — I wrote a large part of chapter 4 of my alternate version of the 1994 Formula One season, The Encounter Down Under. I reckon I’m up to 80 percent, now, and I expect to finish the chapter tonight and next Sunday.

However, before I publish part I of my Senna versus Schumacher book, I plan to re-read the first 4 chapters and edit them where deemed necessary. So you may expect to download the pdf somewhere late May, early June — so I’m asking for just a tad more patience.

Third chapter now finished

I finished the third chapter to The Encounter Down Under today. It’s about the Pacific Grand Prix, the third race of the 1994 Formula One season. I’ll re-read the draft version today and tomorrow, and I’ll post an excerpt afterwards.