San Marino chapter at 80%

San Marino flagDuring my two-week vacation — I came home last Friday — I wrote a large part of chapter 4 of my alternate version of the 1994 Formula One season, The Encounter Down Under. I reckon I’m up to 80 percent, now, and I expect to finish the chapter tonight and next Sunday.

However, before I publish part I of my Senna versus Schumacher book, I plan to re-read the first 4 chapters and edit them where deemed necessary. So you may expect to download the pdf somewhere late May, early June — so I’m asking for just a tad more patience.

Progress on San Marino GP chapter

Progress on my San Marino Grand Prix chapter has been farely slow. It’s taking some more time than anticipated to get into the proper ‘flow’ of writing this chapter. I’m kind of struggling with questions like: how do I set-up the chapter; which subjects to I write about; and what do I leave out?

There’s so much to write about, surrounding this specific race, that I’m first trying to get the main story sorted out. Good thing is that I’ll be on vacation for 2 weeks, starting a week from tomorrow. So I’ll have plenty of time to work on this fateful Imola race in my Senna versus Schumacher sage. I’ll take my iBook with me, however, so I can write while on holiday, too.

Video compilation to accompany my story

I’ve made a short video compilation to accompany ‘The Encounter Down Under’. It consists of images from the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix weekend.

The film contains footage of fatal accidents, so viewer discretion is advised.

Edit: sadly my video was removed from YouTube because of complaints by Formula One Management. It may be that you won’t be able to see the video any longer.

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Anxious about the next chapter: San Marino

Well, the point of divergence in my Senna versus Schumacher story is approaching. I’ve started work on the 4th chapter of ‘The Encounter Down Under’, and I expect to finish the first draft some time next week.

I’m a bit anxious about this final chapter of part I, because with the 2 previous Grands Prix, I could rely on actual events. The same goes for this race, too, of course, but I can let my fantasy do some of the work, now.

Oh, and I’ve talked to a friend of mine, last weekend — she’s a doctor — on the severety of Senna’s fictional crash. Should make for realistic, though survivable, injuries.

Part I of my story reaching conclusion

I’m ready to start work on the San Marino Grand Prix chapter. This means that part I of my Senna versus Schumacher story reaches its conclusion. This first part of ‘The Encounter Down Under’ deals with the opening moves of the 1994 Formula One season, and consists of unchanged history:

  • A season preview
  • The Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos
  • The Pacific GP at Aida, Japan
  • And the fateful San Marino race at Imola

Only at the end of the final chapter of the first part, I diverge from factual history, as Ayrton Senna survives his accident. Part II of my alternate F1 history then elaborates on this diversion, and sees Senna return to the wheel of his Williams-Renault at the Monaco Grand Prix.