Time to face the music

While striking another month off the calendar, and even the 15th Aniversary of Roland Ratzenberger and Ayrton Senna’s death passing, I haven’t found a single hour to work on my book. I’ve been very busy with many, many other activities which require as much priority as attention, so I believe it’s time for me to face the music:

  • I won’t be working on The Encounter Down Under, at least until the end of Summer.

That saddens me, because I’ve had a great time coming up with ideas, doing research, and writing my Senna versus Schumacher story. It’s just a matter of first things first for me, and I hope to be able to dedicate some more time to my story, either in its original form or as a prober book, from September or October.

Get an update

Would you like to receive an update by the time I start researching, posting and writing again? Leave a message at author@encounterdownunder.com and I’ll send you an e-mail. For now, thanks for reading and commenting, and enjoy the current F1 season.

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