A frightening thought: should I quit?

Last night, my wife had a frightening, yet understandable, and not entirely senseless remark. Since I haven’t done too much work on my Senna versus Schumacher story for some time — I’ve effectively added only a single chapter to part II in all of 2009 — she said:

“Why don’t you quit writing your book?”

Is that a realistic thought?

Well, that’s not a greatly inspiring question, now, is it? But I have to confess that it had already crossed my mind once or twice, the last few weeks. If I cannot — due to my new day job and other commitments — spend a reasonable amount of time on writing, each month, perhaps I should call it quits… At least for a certain amount of time, until I feel I can focus on The Encounter Down Under some more.

Let me know what you think

I’ll keep you posted on my thoughts on this subject. If you want to share yours, please feel free to leave a reply. I’m looking forward to any comments (except spam, of course).

3 thoughts on “A frightening thought: should I quit?

  1. No, don’t quit! The book is a brilliant idea. It’s a shame that you haven’t had much time to work on it lately, but life often turns out like that and thing is not to give up. Please don’t quit!

  2. I appreciate how time consuming this can be especially when you have other commitments at hand, however I urge you to not quit your excellent work on this.

    Many of us mourned the tragedy of Imola ’94. As a result we were robbed of the immense spectacle that would have unfolded before Senna finally retired.

    Since we were denied this, we can at least have a wonderful scenario where Senna lives and goes on to win the ’94 championship (although I may be getting a little ahead of myself here).

    Many years ago, there was a poll on whether Senna; had he survived Imola ’94, would have gone on to win the championship.

    An astonishing number of people voted with the result being that 86% were of the opinion that Senna would have gone on to win the his fourth world title at the end of the 94.

    Reading your work provides us with that wonderful dream of a year that could have been.

    It may be argued that someone else can/may pickup the remainder should you be unable to complete it. I wish to say that you clearly have a great story telling ability and reading your work really makes us believe that we are watching this happening right in front of our eyes.

    I hope this encourages you to continue. Believe me, it really is very much appreciated.

    • Harry, thanks for your very kind words. Currently I don’t have the time to even think about continuing writing the story, but I’ll pick an instance soon to decide on what to do.

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