More time for writing with new job?

I’m currently working on a new job, and should that come to fruition, I may get some more time to write The Encounter Down Under. The job is 36 hours per week, just like my current one, but with an option to do 9-hour days. This would free up not only my bi-weekly daddy day with my now 1-year-old son Nathan, but provide me with another day off every fortnight.

Next Tuesday: finish Spanish GP chapter

First post of the new year. And my first post in the second year of my blog. In a way that’s sad, because initially I had hoped to finish my book somewhere late 2008. Alas.

I announced late last year that I planned to reduce my working hours from 40 to 36 a week. This allows for a day off every other week, a day that I plan to spend (a) caring for my son Nathan and (b) writing my book The Encounter Down Under.

For the coming months, I have planned this day off every other Tuesday, starting Tuesday next. I plan to first re-read my work for part II of my Schumacher versus Senna story, to get back into the flow, and I hope to finish the Spanish Grand Prix chapter as soon as possible.

And maybe I’ll post some additional excerpts from the Monaco and Spanish GP chapters to keep you happy…

Excerpt of Monaco Grand Prix chapter

I’ve been working on the Monaco Grand Prix chapter of my Senna versus Schumacher story for about a week and a half, now. I have to say, it’s not easy to combine writing with my day job, caring for our baby boy Nathan, household chores, and giving the missus some attention, too.

However, I’ve completed both Thursday’s and Saturday’s practice and qualifying sessions for the 1994 Monaco Grand Prix, as well as written about all announcements by the FIA regarding rule changes, on Friday. Here’s an excerpt from the Monaco chapter:

On Friday morning, Ayrton Senna announced the re-formation of the GPDA: “At the drivers’ meeting today, we agreed to form the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association. It was agreed that the representatives of the GPDA will be myself, Michael Schumacher, Gerhard Berger, and Christian Fittipaldi. The GPDA requests representation and recognition within the FIA to improve the safety of Formula One, after the accidents of Rubens Barrichello, Roland Ratzenberger, and myself at Imola, and Karl Wendlinger, yesterday. At our meeting, we discussed to take immediate action to look at the next three Grand Prix circuits, together with the FIA, for possible improvements.”

Tell me what you think.

Back on track with Monaco GP

Today I re-started my writing again with the first paragraphs for the Monaco Grand Prix. It’s my first writing since my wife gave birth to a baby boy: Nathan.

I started work by interpreting the goings-on since the San Marino race, with the FIA’s press statements, the Italian magistrates’ actions regarding the Imola circuit’s managing director et cetera.

The result for my alternate 1994 Monte Carlo race is already set, of course, but my task, now, is to write a good story for the race leading to this result. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.