Next Tuesday: finish Spanish GP chapter

First post of the new year. And my first post in the second year of my blog. In a way that’s sad, because initially I had hoped to finish my book somewhere late 2008. Alas.

I announced late last year that I planned to reduce my working hours from 40 to 36 a week. This allows for a day off every other week, a day that I plan to spend (a) caring for my son Nathan and (b) writing my book The Encounter Down Under.

For the coming months, I have planned this day off every other Tuesday, starting Tuesday next. I plan to first re-read my work for part II of my Schumacher versus Senna story, to get back into the flow, and I hope to finish the Spanish Grand Prix chapter as soon as possible.

And maybe I’ll post some additional excerpts from the Monaco and Spanish GP chapters to keep you happy…

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