Excerpt of Monaco Grand Prix chapter

I’ve been working on the Monaco Grand Prix chapter of my Senna versus Schumacher story for about a week and a half, now. I have to say, it’s not easy to combine writing with my day job, caring for our baby boy Nathan, household chores, and giving the missus some attention, too.

However, I’ve completed both Thursday’s and Saturday’s practice and qualifying sessions for the 1994 Monaco Grand Prix, as well as written about all announcements by the FIA regarding rule changes, on Friday. Here’s an excerpt from the Monaco chapter:

On Friday morning, Ayrton Senna announced the re-formation of the GPDA: “At the drivers’ meeting today, we agreed to form the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association. It was agreed that the representatives of the GPDA will be myself, Michael Schumacher, Gerhard Berger, and Christian Fittipaldi. The GPDA requests representation and recognition within the FIA to improve the safety of Formula One, after the accidents of Rubens Barrichello, Roland Ratzenberger, and myself at Imola, and Karl Wendlinger, yesterday. At our meeting, we discussed to take immediate action to look at the next three Grand Prix circuits, together with the FIA, for possible improvements.”

Tell me what you think.

3 thoughts on “Excerpt of Monaco Grand Prix chapter

  1. I can’t remember know but, wasn’t the GPDA actually formed (or sort of) on May 1st, during the drivers’ briefing? I remember a video where Senna was talking to Schumacher and Berger and they were discussing about safety measures.

    You could also include on Senna’s speach a reference to the chat he and Alain Prost had planned to have before the Monaco race (as stated by Prost during a very interesting interview about Senna, back in 1998).

    And maybe Prost could have some kind of role within the GPDA, too. Senna was to be its leader by default; he had been talking to Prost during the previous months and now was in friendly terms with him; and Prost, after all, was in a very strong position himself, as everybody respected him as a 4-time WC, and he was still driving the previous year, so he had a good knowledge of both the tracks and the cars they were driving and where improvements could be made.

  2. Hi Ferrim, thanks for your comments.

    About the GPDA: there were indeed talks during the San Marino Grand Prix weekend. However, it was not formally re-formed until the Monaco race, where all (?) the drivers were present during a meeting, after which Niki Lauda announced the re-formation of the GPDA.

    With Senna having survived his accident at Imola, I gathered he would be the one to announce re-formation, as well as being one of the GPDA representatives, whereas in real life Lauda was.

    I’ll think some more about your Prost remark, since I’m not sure I even mentioned Senna welcoming back his old adversary prior to the San Marino race.

  3. I’ve done some more research on the talks Prost and Senna had prior the the San Marino Grand Prix. Interestingly enough, they talked on the phone several times, and met at Imola both on Friday and on Sunday morning. The old rivals had planned meet again, the week after Imola. I put all this into the story, but I left out the post-Imola talk because of Senna ending up in hospital.

    However, I won’t have Prost joint the GPDA, since it already consists of Senna, Schumacher, Berger and Fittipaldi, but I might refer to Prost some time as an advisor to the body.

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